Discussion: Best abseiling spots at Camels Hump (or around Melb)?

  • Started: 5 months ago on Sun 8th Apr 2018

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Birds started this discussion 5 months ago.

Best abseiling spots at Camels Hump (or around Melb)?


This weekend I took the tweens abseiling for the first time. Went off Tough Love (I think).

Can anyone suggest which are the best spots to abseil with kids. Preferably something smooth, straight and long. Definitely with safe access to top (or safe with a safety line).

I have memories of something near Boogie Till You Puke, but didn't get a chance to poke around this weekend. Where the commercial groups abseil?

If anyone has other suggestions for suitable long drops near Melbourne, that would also help. Natural or man made. Recently had a debacle of a trip to Ben Cairn due to road closures.

Matt Brooks replied 5 months ago.

There are some great spots on the Omega block (Boogie till you puke) but be aware that it is also a very popular climbing spot and that having someone abseil over the top of you whilst climbing won’t win you any friends. Besides teach the tweens how to climb as abseiling becomes boring as bat shit after the 2nd abseil!

Dave Scarlett replied 5 months ago.

I think there's an anchor at the base of Black Magic, which is further around left from Boogie, on top of a boulder. I can't remember if there's two or only one bolts there though. If there are two, or there's only one but you can back it up with trad gear, then that would let you rappel over the 'Outcrop below Black Magic' area climbs, which are seldom ever visited.

Definitely don't try to rappel off the Omega Block though. The anchors are set below the top of the cliff, so couldn't safely be approached from above, and people really won't appreciate it if you set up rappel lines over popular routes.

replied 5 months ago.

Try over the top and just to the right of "Golgotha" at Falcon's Lookout - Werribee Gorge. Good anchors at the top, the climb isn't super popular. Redex further to the right is though so be wary of that. Nice length and exposure. Easy access back to top (stairs).

Birds replied 5 months ago.

Thanks for the tips. Yep, keen to teach them leading. Happy to share cliffs.

@dalai replied 5 months ago.

I'd recommend Staughton Vale. Easy access and barely anyone goes there so no abseiling over climbers.

replied 5 months ago.

Second Staughton-Vale. And I should correct myself; there is now a belay station further to the right of redex with multiple RBs and FHs

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