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Discussion: Looking for partner any time between April 30 to June 4. Started by Cylvie.

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Cylvie started this discussion 13 weeks ago.

Looking for partner any time between April 30 to June 4.

I'm a 43 year old female visiting from Canada. I am currently based in Cardiff, NSW. I am looking for partners to climb trad or sport in the Blue Mountains or to discover interesting local crags in my area. I do not have a car, but I live close to the train station. I didn't bring much gear or rope, or any camper cooking stuff, but I got a tent and a sleeping bag. I don't know much about the Australian grading system, but I can lead easy 5.10 and second up to hard 5.11. Experienced in multi-pitch. I was hoping to find local climbers to show me around a bit.

replied 13 weeks ago.

Try the various face book sites as well.

Cylvie replied 13 weeks ago.

Thank you Al. What are the popular ones people go to to find partners around here? Any suggestions?

replied 13 weeks ago.

Not sure of Newcastle but neighbouring is "Central Coast Climbers". Then "Rock Climbing in the Blue Mountains " "Sydney Rock climbers" "North shore Climbing " Most people stalk the pages you should pick up partners and info pretty quick.

Cylvie replied 13 weeks ago.

Thank you so much, Al. I will look it up. Very helpful.

Jason Smith replied 13 weeks ago.

Pulse Climbing at Adamstown and West Gosford are good places to meet local climbers. There's also a heap of reasonable climbing areas around Gosford once this heat dies down a bit.

Tim Mayer replied 12 weeks ago.

Hi Cylvie. Did you have any luck finding a partner? We climb around central coast, Hornsby area, and Blue Mountains depending on family events, weather and work commitments. We can probably squeeze you in if you can handle kids . We are just weekend warriors. Let me know if you want to join us, and we will see if we can help.

Cylvie replied 11 weeks ago.

Hello Tim. Sorry for the late response. I just returned to Newcastle from a camping trip. I did not find nor searched actively for a partner. I'd be keen on joining you guys for climbing next weekend or another weekend in May.

Showing all 8 messages.

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