Discussion: Best place to climb in the world May/June/July

  • Started: 5 months ago on Wed 18th Apr 2018

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Justin Pomella started this discussion 5 months ago.

Best place to climb in the world May/June/July

Looking to take a few months of work to climb. Im after somewhere reasonable cheap with a good climbing community so i can find a partner. Mostly sport climb around grade 20 Thoughts?

replied 5 months ago.

Wow, it's quite hard to answer this very broad question. If it will be cheap depends on your lifestyle: If you sleep at the crags you won't waste money for accommodations. But that isn't allowed in some countries and in others it can be dangerous.

In general I would recommend crags on the southern hemisphere from June to August. E.g. 'South Africa', it has quite some stunning crags ('Rock Lands', 'Waterval Boven', 'Table Mountain') and scenery. The locals are friendly and helpful and you can get easily in touch via thecrag or

If you are interested in real adventure you could get in touch with Matt Battani. He recently added a lot information about 'Uganda'. > It's a gorgeous country and a cheap destination for a climbing holiday.

Unfortunately Uganda lies on the Equator. It may be to hot for climbing.

Matt Battani replied 5 months ago.

Uganda is kinda rainy right now. I just spent a month in South Africa in the Western Cape. Loved the climbibg there. Rocklands is amazing. Of course Greece is great now too. Kalymnos would be pretty nice for early morning climbs. Maybe hot in the afternoon, but with shade in caves, I think it's probably okay.

Sport climbs around a 20 are plentiful in SA and Kalynmos. Uganda only has a few routes around that grade and they are hard to get to.

Justin Pomella replied 5 months ago.

Thanks for the advice guys. Im more then happy to sleep at the crag but would prefer dormitory style accommodation or something alike. Kalynmos Looks amazing i was very interested in going there but the says the month are wont to go are not climbing season. Have you been there before Matt Battani? Would you be able to give me a better idea on the place?

replied 5 months ago.

Tobias Auth could give you lots of information about Kalymnos. In general I suggest that you post region specific questions at the corresponding node.

replied 5 months ago.

I would pick Kalymnos for getting away from work anytime. Once you're in Masouri (most climbers live there) the logistics are really easy because you have the big west facing wall right there ( and just walk to many classic subsectors or the beach in no time. When you stay for such a long time you'll get a discount for accomodation Maybe 10€ per night if you find the right room. Try asking here. They may know someone or offer a good price. (Manolis and Katina who run the hotel are very friendly and speak good english. View from the rooms is amazing but other places further away from the street might be calmer in terms of traffic noise - scooters!)

Kalymnos definitely has the community to just go there and find people. There's a climbing partner blackboard on the outside wall of "Kalymnos Adventure Center" which is a climbing shop. It's directly opposite of "Fatolitis Snack Bar" which is many climbers favorite hangout.

About the time: I've been there in June before. Of course it's sunny and warm but for me that's a positive. For climbing on west-facing walls you need to start early or go for a sun set session. There are some good sectors that offer shade all day. One of those is the mega-classic "Secret Garden". Maybe for you first 7a project, because there's not much below 6c. Arginonta Valley is a popular sun-sheltered crag with friendlier grades and I think there are some more I haven't been to.

Parts of July may get too humid to climb on smooth red rock. A sector that is known for very polished mid-grade routes is "Odyssey". A better choice for very humid days would be a crag offering some grippy grey rock. For example sector "Summertime". Some of the routes that were recently established might not be in the guidebook. I think peta barrett knows more.

Also check for info how to get to the island. If you want to find a partner beforehand there's a popular forum as well.

Matt Battani replied 5 months ago.

Just spent a month in Kalymnos off season. Couldn't agree more. Amazing crags and you can live pretty cheap. I bet May is an amazing month to be there. Something like 3000 bolted routes on the island.

Justin Pomella replied 5 months ago.

Thank you Tobias and Matt! Very handy information ill take onboard!

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