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  • Started: 3 months ago on Wed 18th Apr 2018

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Plant based tommo started this discussion 3 months ago.

bush camping at nowra

ive heard stories of cars getting broken into at bush camping spots around nowra and am wondering if this is an ongoing problem? does anyone have recent experience of theft or lack thereof? are there any particular bush camping spots people would recommend or recommend avoiding? cheers.

Neil Monteith replied 3 months ago.

Never had it happen or heard of it happening. I wouldnt leave expensive stuff visible (or in a tent) as the whole area is regualrly travelled by trail bikers (or may or may not be dodgy). Nowra region has reasonably high levels of petty crime in general.

Gino Lagazio replied 3 months ago.

Camped around nowra most weekends for the last few winters and never had any issues

Evan Wells replied 3 months ago.

Honeymoon Bay at point perp is only 45min drive away , thats good. Nowra ski park is maybe twelve bucks a night , for a shower and a place to leave your tent up with gear in it thats not bad. There is bush camping in the ever expanding top carpark of Thompsons Point where you would walk in for Fossil Cave etc. Otherwise go adventurising out Braidwood road. If you have a 4wd the world is your oyster out there.

Plant based tommo replied 3 months ago.

Nice! Thanks for the info folks! ☺

Ziggy Samways replied 3 months ago.

Berry Showground is a good option too. $28 for a couple per night, and kids are free.

Ziggy Samways replied 3 months ago.

Closer than Pt Perp and the coffee is better

replied 3 months ago.

Braidwood Rd is a good option for bush camping. The Nowra Showground doesn't mind camping and tents and Its for free and has toilets and and a nice view. Lots of caravan and Motorhomes there as well tho.

replied 3 months ago.

I have heard stories of cars getting broken in to that were camped around Thomsons point. And it did also happen to a friend of mine. Iv camped a few times at shoalhaven ski park and i like it there. If i remember correctly the crag also has a warning about leaving valuables in car at Tianjana falls car park..

Evan Wells replied 3 months ago.

Most cars that get broken into at Thomos are in the main carpark at powerlines. There is a foot trail leading across the waterfont , over a suspension foot bridge and over to showground/town. Usually the cars are closest to this trail , sometimes near the powerlines , but usually near the trail halfway along the right side. Like all crime (e.g young locals stealing draws off projects) the occurence fluctuates with individuals coming and going. I wouldnt worry about it. I and many others have camped and climbed all over Nowra for a while and never had issues. Im more nervous about the people who do burnouts on the backroads all night then torch the cars but I dont think they are interested in 1.8ltr hatchbacks.

Neil Monteith replied 3 months ago.

Also, most of the Thommo breakins were cars that had obvious loot visible - wallets and laptops left on front seats.

Magdalena de la Torre replied 3 months ago.

My car got broken into on the 28th of December 2014, it had a bag with a beach towel and my dog's harness, no valuables. It was parked where everyone parks, just at the top of the cliff, next to 10 other cars.

My friend's car was stolen too, they had their phones on the front seat, so I guess I was unlucky because I parked next to them!

They only broke the window and took what was at an arm's reach, they couldn't unlock the door, so I guess as long as you don't leave anything handy at all it should be ok... they might just pick another car instead of yours.

Kent Paterson replied 3 months ago.

I've had a lock damaged and seen 2 cars with windows smashed in.

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