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  • Started: 3 months ago on Thu 19th Apr 2018

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Captain Ruin started this discussion 3 months ago.

Fire, moss and difficult topo at Black Hill

Just a general heads up about the condition of this crag - I visited Black Hill two weeks back, using the approach descriptions in Tempest's 'Rock Climbs Around Melbourne' (2011). There has clearly been a fire in the last few years and the climbers footpad described in the guide is near invisible. We scrambled and bush bashed up the hill to the Northern Group area by guesswork and climbed a few things, removing a dead tree from the base of Milawa/Rough Diamond in the process. There is also a great deal of moss present at various points on some climbs, particularly at the top of Barefoot and Pregnant, which made slab climbing particularly tricky, so take care!

Mark Rewi replied 3 months ago.

Ipsi status quo... it’s great so long as you like pain/lichen/tiger snakes... at least the 1cm deep 3/8 filed carrots are gradually falling out. See y’all out there this winter!

Jonty Lewis replied 3 months ago.

hahah she aint called Comfortable Hill aint that right Julian Goad

Chris Ferre replied 3 months ago.

None of the O/Ws have any moss in them

Mark Rewi replied 3 months ago.

A few of them do have trolls living in the back though...

Chris Ferre replied 3 months ago.

hahaha touche! In any case, the best areas to climb at Black Hill aren't in the guidebook. Dino Eggs area is by far the best, followed by the one closest to the south entrance and also the area which is east of Milawa where the two OW cracks are.

Mark Rewi replied 3 months ago.

You just need to develop a taste for tip shredding slabs then northern group is hard to beat. Clearly you like full body abrasion but you can achieve that by taking slab whippers so there should be some appeal!

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