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David Nott started this discussion 2 years ago


testing this feature - note a few changes to grade on #17 etc. Apparently there's an easier way I never found (!!) although the dyno straight to the hueco from the chipped pockets still feels nails i.e. V5. Note there's a RH variant as well, which knowledgeable people tell me is V3 from a stand, V4 sit.

David Nott replied 2 years ago

Any other comments re grades, problems, who did first ascents and when - go for it.

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

hi David,

I see you as 'anon' in the discussions. Is that what you'd expect?

David Nott replied 2 years ago

Anon logging makes sense, but I'm not sure anon comments do? Could get a bit like a forum - people slagging one another off anonymously...

Brad Amos replied 2 years ago

Totally agree that comments should be linked to a person/screen name.

replied 2 years ago

Yup agreed, this was an oversight. It is fixed in dev.

Ian Phillips replied 2 years ago

Hi David Just discovered your stuff on thecrag. You've put in a fair bit of work! I've spent a fair bit of time playing out at Niblo and Horse Paddock boulders over the years, and I've done most of the harder problems that you aren't sure of the grade of, plus a few that you don't seem to have up as yet. I was wondering if you wanted to head out there some time and have a play and I could help you fill in some of the gaps in your guide? Drop me an email if you're interested. Always good to hook up with local climbers. Cheers Ian

replied 2 years ago

Ian let me know if you want permissions to update this area directly yourself.

David Nott replied 2 years ago

Great to hear from you Ian. I'll drop you a line.

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Showing all 9 messages