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  • Started: 3 months ago on Thu 26th Apr 2018

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Jorge Munoz started this discussion 3 months ago.

Best New Zealand Climbing Location

Hi everyone!

I am thinking about moving to New Zealand for a while for all the possibilities it has (work, travel, climbing, nature...), and I am trying to decide where to go exactly.

One of the prerequisites for my new home is having nice climbing spots nearby. I currently live in Scotland (Edinburgh to be precise) and though the landscapes are beautiful and it has some pretty decent crags close by, the weather makes it almost impossible to climb outside.

So... I think Christchurch could be a good place to start but, could you recommend the best cities/towns in NZ for climbing? Considering weather, proximity to crags, rock quality and general beauty of the place.

Thank you!

John Pitcairn replied 3 months ago.

Christchurch, wanaka, queenstown.

Jorge Munoz replied 3 months ago.

Thanks John!

So those 3 are your favourites? in that order?

John Pitcairn replied 3 months ago.

I wouldn't call christchurch beautiful but there are a lot of nearby crags, beaches, its not far to mountains, Aoraki Mt Cook is 4 hours away, plus it's a proper city. Wanaka and Queenstown are beautiful with great climbing but smaller and expensive.

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