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  • Started: 4 months ago on Mon 7th May 2018

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mike started this discussion 4 months ago.

Convert Jura "crags" to "regions"

Hi there, I noticed that the subdivision of the Jura range is done as "crag". E.g. there is the crag "Basler Jura" etc. In my opinion, this should be a region, because a) it is a region and b) I think the feed entries saying "user x climbed 3 routes in Basler Jura" is not as interesting as "user x climbed 3 routes in Schauenburgfluh".

Could this be changed?

Cheers, -mike

replied 4 months ago.

Simon Birk what do you think? Mikes arguments are reasonable.

mike this is somehow a matter of taste. E.g. recently I changed the type of 'Tenerife' to region and I got complains that then the stream events didn't say "xy was climbing on Tenerife" instead it mentioned the first child node that is a crag. The stream algorithm always uses the top level crag (TLC) within the nodes path.

replied 4 months ago.

I changed those nodes from "region" to "crag" some month ago. The TLC crag density in Switzerland was really high compared to the rest of the world. This observation came with the preparation for the app. Where the TLC is the start node for offline availability - meaning if you would like to download the "Basler Jura" you would have to download 50 nodes. We have the general rule of thumb that the TLC would be something on the level of a separate printed guide book. So for example the "Frankenjura Nord" is a TLC and not a Region.

But of course it is a matter of taste. Local climbers always prefer a high resolution (I was climbing at Schauenburgflu) where as visitors only say "I was climbing at Basler Jura".

mike replied 4 months ago.

Fair enough. It's true that it doesn't make sense for people not knowing the area to name crags like "Schauenburgfluh" explicitly in the feed, on the other hand it makes more sense for people actually knowing the area to show the local crag.

With the flexible system as it is, I imagine it is quite complicated to find a solution that satisfies all the needs for people around the world.

Thanks for all your hard work anyway!


replied 4 months ago.

What do you guys think of this idea:

mike replied 4 months ago.

For me, that sounds like the perfect solution to the "issue" I had here!

Cheers, -mike

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