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  • Started: 13 weeks ago on Mon 14th May 2018

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LMD started this discussion 13 weeks ago.

Notable ascents

Hey there,

I‘ve been experimenting with some gym-ticks lattly. By doing so i run in to a issue which i don‘t realy understand.

  • why is my hardest lead climeb a boulder problem?
  • why is my hardest tick and my hardest clean an indoor boulder problem?

Maybe someone can flash this in guithub

replied 13 weeks ago.

Notable ascents is pretty broken with recent changes. It is on our radar to fix. Please just keep logging gym ascents so when it is fixed we have accounts with real data logging both gym and outdoor ascents.

I have also been experimenting with gym ticks and have been loving the CPR from a training perspective. Here is my last 6 months gym CPR bouldering progression:,desc

The other thing I like to look at is how good the session was from a CPR perspective.

Keep ticking

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