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Discussion: include Kalymnos? Started by Nicky.

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  • Started: 4 weeks ago on Thu 17th May 2018

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started this discussion 4 weeks ago.

include Kalymnos?

Is there a reason why Kalymnos could not be included into this area?

replied 4 weeks ago.

Kalymnos is a climbing place on its own, so I consider better to be alone as a different area.

Many routes, already many subareas, so organising it like this makes things easier.

Also it is easier for searching routes. You do not have to click from parent to child to child areas.

PS. I spend a lot of time to organise Greece and I think this is the most convenient classification

replied 4 weeks ago.

Kalymnos would stay as a separate crag but listed under this node. Kalymnos will appear for sure in the Classic crags list under Greece. So the user will find it anyway but the overall index structure will be more accurate.

replied 4 weeks ago.

do what you feel better, you are the boss!!!

replied 4 weeks ago.

+1 to move this under

Christos replied 4 weeks ago.


replied 28 days ago.

It would also be good to have a good set of top level regions under Greece. There are lots of crags sitting directly under greece in the north

Something vaguely like these:

replied 28 days ago.

Simon Dale Aegean Islands is now a TLC but it is only a region. So the TLC for Kalymnos is Aegean Islands as well. Why is that?

replied 27 days ago.

Aegean Islands was set to 'area' not 'region'. I have changed it to region

Faradoom replied 26 days ago.

Please move Kalymnos back as TLC

Bikeshedding is cool and foolish inconsistencies are the hobogoblings of little minds. I vote we takie even kalymnos outside greece and make its own climbing country

Showing all 10 messages.

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