Discussion: How to delete Routes

  • Started: 3 months ago on Thu 31st May 2018

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started this discussion 3 months ago.

How to delete Routes

Hello everyone, I want to delete a route in an area I already got high permission level (it is a placeholder route). How can I do it? I can not find any hints or options which allow me to delete it.


Regards André

replied 3 months ago.

You cannot delete. Normally routes are merged. There are some edge cases where we need to move routes into a purgatory area.

Which route

replied 3 months ago.

Hi Simon, thanks for your comment. Its in Roche de Lion (France - Grand-Est - Vosges du midi).

But anyway .... why do people create placeholders when they create a new area?


Regards André

replied 3 months ago.

I have moved this to purgatory. This was an old historical practice, probably to get around an early bug. We certainly do not want this practice now.

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