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Discussion: Interested in replicating classic outdoor routes, indoors? Started by Nick Gilmore.

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  • Started: 7 weeks ago on Fri 1st Jun 2018

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Nick Gilmore started this discussion 7 weeks ago.

Interested in replicating classic outdoor routes, indoors?

Hey all,

Myself and another climbing buddy have started a project, out of Sydney, to replicate famous outdoor climbing routes indoors. See for a quick run down of how we do it.

We're currently reaching out to the climbers to see if this is something they're interested in. So we'd love to hear from you!

So please chuck any suggestions / questions / criticisms you have down below.

We've also got a 3-minute survey which asks some helpful questions, like: 1) What routes do you want to see replicated? 2) Do you prefer the texture of outdoor or indoor rocks?

Also feel free to email me directly with anything else.


Nick Gilmore replied 7 weeks ago.

Here's a video of a scan we took in Queen's Park, Sydney. Scanning the whole cliff is useful for positioning/orientating the individual holds, which we scan separately to get a high level of detail.

Showing all 2 messages.

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