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  • Started: 2 years ago on Apr 29, 2012

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started this discussion 2 years ago

Where is the Shark Fin?

Does anyone know where this cliff is? I'd like to get it in the right spot in the index and on the map too. Cheers, Campbell

Kieran Loughran replied 2 years ago

Maybe James Kassay would know? I'm guessing that it's the little fin just left of the base of Bard Buttress. Just a wild guess though. Kieran

replied 2 years ago

Thanks Kieran. I'll see if I can get in touch with him.

Neil Monteith replied 2 years ago

Sharks Fin is a crag in Giraween (Queensland). It's kind of secret.

replied 2 years ago

Hi Neil. This one's in the index at Araps (http://www.thecrag.com/area/11765191) so I'm pretty sure it's a different shark ...

Kieran Loughran replied 2 years ago

I got the response below from James Kassay on Chockstone : "Hey Guys, It was some 11 years ago that I was out there so my memory isn't all that clear on the actual location... From memory it was a small fin of rock somewhere between King Rat Cliffs and Bushrangers Bluff...

Very rough description I know... But thats the best that I can remember and I'm in Europe at the moment so can't go and have a better look!

Sorry I couldn't be more specific!"

It may even be the area referenced by the comment in ACA for Main Wall "30m L of Melville's Cave is a tricky descent gully. Just L again are some 6m walls that have been climbed at grades 14-22 but are not worth recording." The grades don't quite fit though. Or, to the right of Back Wall : "40m further R is a mossy small face which has had two rubbish lines put up on it." Then again, it may be somewhere near The Pimple. My feeling is to put it in the Bushranger Bluff area with the latest information from James against it.

Kieran Loughran replied 2 years ago

I've moved The Shark Fin to King Rat Area. This already has a few obscure spots such as Easter Island rocks, The Pimple etc in that area towards Bushrangers.

replied 2 years ago

Thanks Kieran

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