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Jason Lammers started this discussion 2 years ago

Beta Please

So what is the approved sequence ??

Sebastian Sakowicz replied 2 years ago

Its been a while for me but I will give it a shot. I assume you mean through the roof.

So you clip with your right hand. Right hand moves to the right, left comes in but stays lower then the right from memory. You can then make a further move to the right. Bring your left foot up and pop up with your left hand to a good hold that you can match on. That's my vague memory of it, still need to get back on to tick it off.

Vanessa Wills replied 2 years ago

After hanging onto bad crimp with left, near draw and better one with right I got right foot up and flagged below with left and grunted up to good hold with right hand. I think you might just have to work it out Bundy. The key was to get into this position efficiently which involves a few other moves. I am pretty stretched getting to crimps with feet below roof. You might find this easier. There are lots of holds with a good clipping one off left.

Jason Lammers replied 2 years ago

OK - Thanks. I might need to send the HawkMan up and sort it all out first.

Vanessa Wills replied 2 years ago

A tall crimpmaster isnt going to help you.

Jason Lammers replied 2 years ago

Atleast he will put the draws in :-)

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Showing all 6 messages