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Emily Small started this discussion 12 weeks ago.


The anchor block is now detached and no longer safe to climb. You will find my helmet wedged underneath supporting the large block... for once not wearing a helmet was a good decision! If someone with bolting knowledge could check it out for safety reasons please do... i belive these bolts will need to be chopped

Macciza a.k.a. Macca replied 12 weeks ago.

How did you manage to do that ...?

Evan Wells replied 12 weeks ago.

I was there today but still too lazy/disinterested in the route to find it. So my qaulified opinion is 'mate, with that helmet there its got years to go'.

Gino Lagazio replied 12 weeks ago.

I checked it out curious as to why you would need to chop the bolts? That boulder won't be going anywhere

Gino Lagazio replied 12 weeks ago.

And yeah how the hell did that happen? Must've been an epic scare

Emily Small replied 12 weeks ago.

I dont know if the bolts are still ok or not which is why i am asking someone with the knowledge to check it out.. it moved with just my weight (im not a 10 ton tessie) so i just want to ensure its ok for others... the helmet will break down eventually aswell which is why it didnt roll off to the side... thanks gino for checking it out.

Emily Small replied 12 weeks ago.

And yes it was absolutely terrifying as two friends were sitting against it and were thrown foward and my belayer luckily was quick enough to jump out of the way as it landed right where he was standing... rope was cut in atleast 4 spots and i was hanging

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Chris replied 12 weeks ago.


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