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  • Started: 5 weeks ago on Wed 11th Jul 2018

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Kalymnos node improvement (description, other changes)

I wanted to start this thread to propose and discuss changes to the node.

Currently I would like to make the description a little more user friendly. Especially change this part into something more fun to read that you don't need to google first. "including special limestone type: calcareous sinter." (Summary)

Also a small thing: The route Nickel at Kalydna has it's crux right at the top but there's a bypass that makes it 7a. So I thought it would be good to change the grade from 7a+ to 7a/ 7a+ and mention the bypass (that was chalked up well) in the description.

I will be on Kalymnos for 4 weeks in Sept/ Oct and will probably take photos of stuff again.

replied 4 weeks ago.

I don't know if anyone is interested but I now created a new route for the easier variation of Nickel. I thought that would be better than changing the grade of the original route into a range. The easier "Nickel, left variation" is a completely different line for the last part of the route so I think it's appropriate.

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