Discussion: Please recommend some crags to climb in Switzerland!

  • Started: 4 weeks ago on Sat 21st Jul 2018

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Gwanho Beck started this discussion 4 weeks ago.

Please recommend some crags to climb in Switzerland!

Hello, I'll visit Switzerland for 10 days. Please introduce some nice crags in Switzerland for sport climbing There are so many crags and I dunno which one I should choose. I'll travel from Zurich to Geneva with a rental car. Also where can get a guide book?

Thank you in advance

Philip replied 4 weeks ago.


it hightly depends on what you want to climb (sport, multipitch, bouldering?) and at what grades

And at what time of the year.

Gwanho Beck replied 4 weeks ago.

Hey, thank you for your response I climb mostly sport climbing(single and multi pitch both). I'll be in Switzerland from next week (Jul/29~Aug/6). Recently, I have an injury on my shoulder so I can climb maybe below 7a. Thank you

Philip replied 29 days ago.

I'm more at the eastern part of switzerland, but in the summer time, it's highly recommented to go to higher altitudes and north exposed crags.

A perfect example is Schlänggen near Lurzern.

For the rest at this part of switzerland I also have to check the guidebook.

Gwanho Beck replied 29 days ago.

Cool! The place looks awesome. I'll put the place into my list. Thanks a lot!

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