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  • Started: 2 years ago on Jun 4, 2012

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Iain Duggin started this discussion 2 years ago

Undercliff bouldering?

I found a small bouldering wall in Undercliff, near Bayview avenue. It has some chalk marks as evidence of climbers, but I have never seen any reference or guide to this little area. Located at the end of Unwin St Undercliff: Most of the rock in the area is not worth it but one little wall looks quite good and is tucked away in the bushes east and back from the main broken outcrop. It is not far from a bush track (the TVT track). Anyone know about this?

replied 2 years ago

Hey Iain

how are you mate?

Doesn't seem to be any info on the bouldering in Undercliff. There sure is a lot that can be developed in Sydney - have you worked any problems at Unwin st?

I've been developing a lot north of the bridge at Blues Point and have just linked up with another passionate developer named Brendon. I'm keen to hear more about the area you have found.

Brendon has been all over Sydney looking for areas and knows quite a bit, I'll ask him if he knows anything about this area.

have fun!

replied 2 years ago

Hi guys. If this turns out to be a new crag let me know and I'll add it to the index.

Iain Duggin replied 2 years ago

Hi - it would be worth a mention in the online guide for local climbers to check out. I haven't done anything there, but there would be an overhanging traverse, about 5 m, plus some 3m problems, one or two look okay. Please go and check it out; post the problems on thecrag. I'll create a new crag for it.

replied 2 years ago

mmmhhh another crag for the development. Add it to the list eh?

Sydney has more than people give it credit for!

Zorba Parer replied 2 years ago

I have been cragging around Sydney for about 7 years now, and have been constantly amazed at the amount of un'scent rock. At a guess, the index only lists about 2% of the available bouldering in the Area. So many first ascents waiting to be done!

replied 2 years ago

Zorba! You've got it!

Brendon Flanagan and I are super busy developing bouldering in several other places (including just landing my 24th new route at Blues Point - Not bragging, just super amazed that there is so much to develop)

Me thinks we need to get some momentum going with the Sydney Rockies and start developing these places further.

If you mates are keen to work some new ascents then lets organize a time and start building the awesomeness that is Sydney Bouldering RD.

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