Discussion: Usage of Pitch tick info for CPR timelines vs global ascent tick.

  • Started: 8 weeks ago on Wed 25th Jul 2018

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started this discussion 8 weeks ago.

Usage of Pitch tick info for CPR timelines vs global ascent tick.

Hi, a question regarding the display of multipitch climbs in the CPR timelines: a common case would be alternating leading and seconding between pitches of a single ascent, which can be filled-in specifically in in the ascent by activating the pitch view. But even in that case the resulting CPR graphs show the global ascent tick only which logically is "grey" generic and doesn't split between lead / follow clean / red-point/... Is this intended / a bug / a possible future feature to stroke our little egos a bit more ? :-D

replied 8 weeks ago.

Can you provide a url of the ascent so I can look into the specifics?

replied 8 weeks ago.

Hi Simon, here one simple example:

Here another one with a link-up in:

replied 8 weeks ago.

I looked into it again and realize in none of my examples the ascent pitch infos (grade and lengthes) matches the route pitch infos exactly. (route not split in pitches, ascent with link-up, combined pitches...) so maybe that's why. I'll try matching the route exactly.

replied 8 weeks ago.

You unsighted a grade 15, and seconded the grade 15 and 17. At the moment I think the system picks the best pitch, but probably should pick the sum. It would only be a small difference though.

If you wanted the maximum CPR you would have had to onsight the grade 17.

replied 8 weeks ago.

You are right on the above, but i didn't mean the calculation of the CPR number. Rather the graph shows a grey band instead of a green 15 onsight and a yellow 17 second. Purely a display thing i guess. My point is as long as i keep doing "mixed" ascent like that, the CPR (black line) might be correct, but the onsight (green band + red dotted line) and second (yellow band / pink doted line) won't be represented at all.

replied 8 weeks ago.

I think that might be an issue. I have logged it here:

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