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Kieran Loughran started this discussion 2 years ago

Arachnus Chimney Chimney Not A New Climb

Hi Guys, This isn't a new route. The link pitch is part of the old route Business As Usual which I notice hasn't much in the way of description in the online guides. It's also a fairly standard variant to Arachnus.Before claiming new routes in such a popular area you really have to get hold of some original sources to check out what is what. I propose to merge it back into Arachnus. Is that OK? Kieran Loughran

replied 2 years ago

Before we merge this it might be worth while having a bit of a community discussion on how best to represent multi-pitch linkups and variants. It is quite useful having a separate topo of a linkup climb, but this could quickly pollute the index with unnecessary variants.

If it is just about recording an ascent then thecrag is about to launch the ability to record pitch info in your ascent.

It's probably a bit dubious claiming a first ascent of this one in 2012, but I personally think it is worthwhile haveing topos of standard variants.

One of the reasons why it is important to have these discussions, in particular associated with a nice juicy example, is that it helps thecrag developers identify new features and ways of presenting the information users want.

Kieran Loughran replied 2 years ago

I quite agree Simon. That's why I flagged it in the discussion rather than making any change. It would be great if The Crag can handle variants. In this case,, even though it's part of Business As Usual, it will usually be done as a variant on Arachnus so it's a nice messy one to look at to start with.

replied 2 years ago

As this was your intent I have created an issue regarding variants. We have been mulling over this for a while, but as yet don't have a firm conviction:

More discussion, more likely get a good result. Please feel free to add your points directly to the issue on the issues list or here in the discussion.

Please be aware that we are absolutely flat strap with other really cool priorities so this one will take a while to be fully resolved.

Miguel Madero replied 2 years ago

Hi Guys,

Apologies for the confusion this caused. It's good that it trigger some productive discussions.

I didn't know about business as usual. I looked in only one guidebook (selected climbs). Also, since business as usual wasn't in thecrag's topo and the description didn't help identify it I didn't think it would refer to the same route. This was also not an 18. I should've checked my other guidebooks.

That said I did described is as a link-up between Arachnus and Watchtower Chimney. (I know it should've been Arachnus and Business as Usual). I agree this shuld be better represented as variants, specially in topos. However, the Minerva Variant for Arachnus shows up as completely different climb in guidebooks and thecrag so I thought of doing the same (not saying this is the best, just explaining the reasoning).

Obviously my intention behind this is to give others as chance to climb, what I think was a nice variant.

I agree about the first ascent, I'm sure others had climbed it before even if just by accident. I tried to edit this to remove my name and leave it as unknown. @Simon you can probably help me do this.

Kieran thanks for raising this.

replied 2 years ago

I have taken your first ascent out. Edit route near top of route page.

Miguel Madero replied 2 years ago

Thanks. I was looking in Actions>Update.

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