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Miguel Madero started this discussion 2 years ago


From left to right there's: No Name 6b. 5 slings 15m. This is immediately next to Playground. It has its own anchor and starts between the two caves a meter to the right of Playground. Mei Rue Arei 6b 3 bolts, 2 slings, 15m. Direct start from the cave or start as per Humming Song if wet (just like it was recently). It finishes on its own anchor a meter above and right of 'No Name' Humming Song 6b, 3 bolts 3 slings. Climb on the corner and goes straight to the anchor at the right of the tree. There's a left variation of Humming Song (appears in the guide as the same route). It's also 6b. Starts as Humming Song and after the second draws goes left and joins the anchor after the last bolt.

Humming Song is the climb immediately next to Scorpion.

Source: Thailand and Laos by Elke Schmitz and I've been climbing there.

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

Miguel are you able to update / create the individual routes and straighten them all out? Descriptions like this are just begging for a photo to make sense of it all

replied 2 years ago

Miguel- I've reordered things a bit based on what you've said. And added 'No Name' and Mei Rue Areai. Could you take a look?

Do you think the route currently in the index as 'Another 6b near Hummingbird' is 'No Name', and that 'Yet Another 6b near Hummingbird' is 'Mei Rue Arei'? If so I can merge them (but don't really want to do this unless we're sure).

I'll invite Will Monks (who added those routes) to this discussion as he might be able to shed some light.

replied 2 years ago

Will- as you'll see (above) Miguel's helping tidy up a couple of routes near Humming Song. Appreciate your thoughts. Ta.

Miguel Madero replied 2 years ago

Hi Guys ,

I think I didn't have edit righs when I started this thread. Also, I wasn't sure what was the correct thing to do. In the future (now that I have edit rights), should I just edit or start a discussion?

I reviewed the changes and they look good. I think that 14 (Another 6b...) should be merged with No Name and 15 (Yet Another...) should be merged with Mei Rue Arei. I'm not sure how to merge climbs (preserving ascents). It might be better to simply rename the original ones.

I'll wait for Will comments.

I'll take some photos to add Topos next time I'm in Escher.

Regards, Miguel

replied 2 years ago

No worries Miguel. In general I'd say if you're pretty confident just edit away. If you want to check something with others, start a discussion.

Merging is definitely the way to go (once you're sure that they are the same route), as that way all stats, ticks, ratings, etc are merged and preserved.

The basic process for merging will be go to the climb you want to merge (eg 'Yet another...') and go >Action >Restructure >Merge Route. In most cases (ie when the route you're merging with as on the same branch in the index), you then select 'Merge with selected climb', choose the climb (eg 'Mei Rue...') from the 'Navigation Child Nodes' drop down and click Next. This takes you to an Edit screen to check and tidy up anything that needs it, then you're done. All ascents, etc will be preserved.

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

Just be super careful with the merging as it can't be undone - I've been about to merge and realised two routes that looked the same were actually variants and things like that. I generally like to get all the descriptions sorted and/or topos drawn so it's clear whats going on before I merge or delete stuff.

replied 2 years ago

happy to see any mistakes get fixed. I made those entries before the schmitz guide existed. the old King guide I was using didn't list all the routes that were there. I climbed some of the routes and recall counting the other lines in between then sticking them into thecrag soon after. You can pretty much climb wherever you like on this wall and there is a bunch of linkups and L/R variants - which probably appear and disappear as the thread placements get retired/replaced - so its probably always going to be a bit of a moving feast. I haven't been to that crag since, so can no longer confirm or deny any details! Feel free to defer to the guide.

replied 2 years ago

Thanks all, I've made those merges

Miguel Madero replied 2 years ago

Thanks all. I'll start adding topos next week once I'm back in the area.

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