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  • Started: 2 years ago on Jul 15, 2012

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Peter Weatherhead started this discussion 2 years ago


Hi vanessa, Paul rebolted this one. I think he bolted a linkup between bj and wbf. Bj goes straight up from the dbb and still needs some bolts in the top. Lofty and I did this climb this morning - thought it was great.


Vanessa Wills replied 2 years ago

The snake(s) was a nice bonus eh?

Peter Weatherhead replied 2 years ago

Very. Paul told us there was a snake on the climb (but neglected the arrows so I just assumed it was a key hold. I had already seen one lower so just went for that hold and put my fingers on the snake followed quickly by a desperate pounch sideways...

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Showing all 3 messages