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Zoe started this discussion 2 years ago

deleted photo topo

Hey guys, I accidentally deleted the overview photo topo of the chockstone wall boulder today when I uploaded a more detailed photo of the boulder. Sorry about that! I hope whoever uploaded it can put the photo back up. Thanks heaps! zoe.

replied 2 years ago

deleting whole topos is a soft delete so I have been able to put it back in. A bit of a pain, but I think it is done. There were actually two deleted topos, could you please make sure that I have restored the correct one.

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

hi Zoe, fyi That was me who uploaded that topo. I'm slowly merging in the guide that Bruce Talyor made and cleaning stuff up.

Zoe replied 2 years ago

You guys are awesome =) Thank you so much! I´ll be more careful now.

Zoe replied 2 years ago

And yes Simon you restored the correct photo topo! Cheers!

replied 2 years ago

no worries, glad to have you contributing on the site

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Showing all 6 messages