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  • Started: 2 years ago on Jul 24, 2012

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Kate Hunt started this discussion 2 years ago

Just name it Should I Name This?

... why not? It's as good a name as any.... and it's not in the print guide, so who's gonna argue?

Rope Gunner replied 2 years ago

Like really?! What kind of ethics are you showing? Who the hell decides to name someone else's work? You have no right naming or appropriating yourself the right to name some one else's time sweat, effort and work. If it's unnamed, then it remains unnamed until the setter decides on such! Kate, i got lots of respect for you but you go with this, you'll fall to as low as a worm on a rainy day.

David Gibbs replied 2 years ago

Rope Gunner, the climb I labelled "(Should I Name This)" was not cleaned or bolted. There was no evidence that someone else had, actually, done any work on it. So, naming it would not be appropriating someone else's work.

It is possible that someone else had climbed it before me, perhaps even probable, since it was a pretty easy ascent. Which is why I didn't actually name it, but labelled it in a way similar to others for which I didn't know the names -- but putting brackets around it, just like I did with the other climb on this section before someone, I would guess you, deleted that information.

By the way, I wonder at that deletion. You complained, before, that I took information from the guide -- and yet, here, where I clearly have not gotten information from the guide because such information has not yet been published, you also seem to have an issue with it.

Rope Gunner replied 2 years ago

For someone who buys guidebooks, copies them then posts them online, you have alot of gull, you spend your time sharing way to much touchy feely info after climbing low-level climbs, you spend your time blasting and debating other people's work, maybe you should do a profound reality check sir.

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