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Brendan Heywood started this discussion 2 years ago

New sub area topos

hi Ben,

Noticed you made a couple sub area topos, but they didn't seem to work? We've still got a bit of work to do to clean the editing interface up, would love to know what your impressions / expectations are to help make this nice and smooth.

Ben Jenga replied 2 years ago

Thanx for spotting that, I thought it may have been my bad work. So some of them work and some didn't, the candy cane arĂȘte topo I tried doing twice in the hope it would pop up in the farside boulder but it doesn't pop up untill you open that climb. I figure that there is still a lot of fine tuning so I am not that bother.

What I have found is when you send I private msg to a climbing friend the text you type is invisible untill you post the MSG, makes for fun typing.

Can we expect and more big updates or just fine tuning in the next few months?


Ben Jenga replied 2 years ago

Ps I ended up finding the logbook but I prefered it at the top of the page with the other options (trip, photos, etc)

And if you could add a filter by date that would help. When I did sort by date it organized them by date but in a funny order but not the order that I logged them.

replied 2 years ago

Logbook link is already back in the tab - but it links to the new ascents search. I can see that the sortby log date would be useful - I have created an issue

Also did you know you can export your logbook to CSV or XLS from your dashboard Action button.

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Showing all 4 messages