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  • Started: 2 years ago on Jul 31, 2012

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Brendan Heywood started this discussion 2 years ago

Yellow wall area topo

hey Brian,

I noticed you added that hand drawn topo for Yellow wall. We have just release a new tool for making sub area topos which I added to yellow wall as a test:


Can you confirm that they are all in the right place?


Brian Cork replied 2 years ago

Good one Brendon. The tool looks like a good addition. The sectors look good but they aren't over the top of the topo. Are they meant to be?

I also updated the Nymboida gorge section and am giving the Wonderland section a complete overhall. Quite satisfying writing guidebooks so easily.....

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

I'm not sure what you mean by 'over the top of the topo' can you send me a screen shot of what you see and describe what you expect to see?

Or do you just mean that the labels are only on the phototopo and now the hand drawn topos? That could be added easily too

Stephen Hawkshaw replied 2 years ago

hey brendan, awesome feature. How hard would it be to add functionality to draw a top down topo online using your tools. IE id like to have a top down drawing of say fort knox to show where each of the walls are (twilightzone, wild dog, alcove, strong room etc). at the moment i have to upload a picture and draw on that. would adding lines (like creeks, parking areas etc) be hard to add to the set up so a topo could be drawn and linked to the walls. see the hash job i did mucking around on knox

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

Yeah this has been in the back of my mind for ages. The big question is wether we extend the existing topo tool, or simply stick something on top of google maps. There are a heap of editors who have uploaded screen shots of google maps / earth and with custom drawn stuff on it, which is slightly dodge from a copyright point of view, but it works ok. But I'd prefer it to be dynamic.

On thing I've been playing with only in the last few days is google map maker which allows you to draw and edit features in google maps. I'm in the process of writing up a blog post about it all using a bouldering spot is brissy as a test case. Google then review it after a day or two and it's live. In fact only yesterday I submitted the dirt road leading to the top carpark at Knox as an example (it's not yet live). I think the best thing for the future is adding things like paths, dirt roads, creeks etc directly to google and then we draw the routes and other climbing specifics things on top inside thecrag. What I don't want to do is create a whole complicated drawing program inside theCrag, I'd prefer to piggy back of google or maybe the openstreetview maps.


At the moment the maps data captured in thecrag isn't really used very well. It doesn't come out in list view or guide view or PDF view. As part of the new area topo tool I made some tweaks to embed the maps into list view in a very similar way but it's not quite ready for prime time, but it's not too far away.

Can you do me a favor and next time you're at knox or wonderlands and get some gps data for where each cliff sector starts and stop and locate each of them? You've got an iPhone right? I use a nice app called Motion-X for recording tracks which I've used heaps for this. We can use this as a test

Stephen Hawkshaw replied 2 years ago

ill try to remember to do that. It would be cool to be able to draw over google maps but sometimes thats hard to see anything. Ie the photo for knox doesn;t really show any crags at all. even just being able to draw lines and hightlight areas by combining the two topo functions you have already created could work well.

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