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Brendan Heywood started this discussion 2 years ago

Multiple clicke areas

hi Andrew,

Just noticed you made a new Clicke area, but there are already some other clickes:

Hollow Mountain › Andersens › Clicke area Hollow Mountain › Clicke Area (incl. Kindergarten routes) Hollow Mountain › Andersens › Lower Clicke area

I find the best way to resolve these is to make sure they are all located properly and then it become much clearer how to split them or merge them if needed.

Good luck :)

Kieran Loughran replied 2 years ago

I had a quick look and the Clicke area under Hollow Mountain is all roped climbing. The Clicke areas unser Andersens are stictly bouldering. These all look to be in the correct places but maybe the bouldering areas need a (bouldering) in their name to make it clear

Andrew Clark replied 2 years ago

I did think about this a bit before I created it.

I put the bouldering stuff there as that how the guidebook to the area is organised so I think most people looking for them would be hunting through the Andersons area to get there. Maybe it does make sense to move the two features into "HM > Clicke Area (incl. Kindergarten routes)", a lot of people would approach from that side anyway?

Then again, Kindergarten's bouldering is split out from its routes too...

Or maybe just rename it something that's unique like "Below Clicke Wall"?

Is it the name clash in particular that'll cause headaches?

replied 2 years ago

I like the 'Below Clicke Wall' idea as this probably most accurately represents what is going on.

Neil Monteith replied 2 years ago

It's kin dog leftover from when the bouldering and route guides were written up separately in the ACA guide. I like the idea of calling it Below Clicke Wall as there is no actual bouldering on Clicke Wall itself.

Neil Monteith replied 2 years ago

That was supposed to say It's kind of left over not kin dog. Stupid autocorrect.

Andrew Clark replied 2 years ago

I've renamed it to "Below Clicke Wall". Still not 100% sure where it should be parented though...

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

Can you set the geolocation of all the bits? It's easier to do that first and then it's easier to reparent based on geolocation.

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Showing all 8 messages