Discussion: Does anyone know what Mowgli is called in thecrag (Bonnet Bay)? started by Jason Budden

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  • Started: 2 years ago on Sep 23, 2012

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Jason Budden started this discussion 2 years ago

Does anyone know what Mowgli is called in thecrag (Bonnet Bay)?

replied 2 years ago

what mowgli meant to be rated?

Jason Budden replied 2 years ago

  1. Middle climb on middle crag. To the right of Kim, left of Jungle book.


replied 2 years ago

2 bolts? just next to jungle book? they have that route named as 'C' . The crag bonnet bay guide is a little jumbled. try using the ACA guide until its sorted

Jason Budden replied 2 years ago

3 bolt rings, #9 on sydney rockies page. Guess thecrag is a bit outdated.


replied 2 years ago

jason, ill be keen to hit some easy routes in sutho this sat morn if your free?

Jason Lammers replied 2 years ago

Im keen for some after work Shire climbing from next week with Daylight Savings starting. Anyone keen ??

replied 2 years ago

yeah bundy, my local (glenrock gym) opens up next week

Jason Budden replied 2 years ago

Yeah me and my buddy were talking about that last night Jase. He's going to try get off work an hour early to hit the crags. Sounds like a good idea.

As for the weekend, Sat i'm thinking of either taking my mate to a beginner friendly crag or fish boulders. Sunday nothing planned. Monday thinking bluebells to tick all the 18 and unders.

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Showing all 9 messages