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David Nott started this discussion 2 years ago


As a fellow bum-dragger, the recent ascent comment interests me - 'V2 given the technical beta'. I've never considered beta as something that can change the grade of a boulder, only how quickly I can do it? The physical difficulty of the moves is surely the same.

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

I constant give me bad 'beta' which makes it much harder :)

So you probably can't make a climb physically easier but you can surely make it more difficult!

David Nott replied 1 years ago

By the by, I'm fixing to check out toohey forest when I'm up there in nov but may be climbing during the week - how hard is the unleash the dancer boulder to find?

Brendan Heywood replied 1 years ago

Pretty easy to find - other wise I have failed in writing up the guide ;)

I also live about 5 blocks from Toohey, give me a buzz if you want to head out, and if you want we've got a spare bed if you want to crash here.

Also can you please bring some cold weather with you, it was 32 deg inside my house yesterday, yuck!

David Nott replied 1 years ago

We'll be staying in the Gold Coast but I'll make a day trip or two that way. I'll let you know when I expect to be around. No promises about cool weather! I'm sure the climbing will be nice and spoogy though.

David Nott replied 1 years ago

looks like we were ships passing in the night brendo - did you get out for a sydney climb? some okay stuff in toohey forest, but i only ended up getting out for a day

Brendan Heywood replied 1 years ago

I had a relatively short notice work trip to Melbourne for the week. Just got back and am ruined. Got a climb in the gym there but that's about it. And somewhere in the last blur of a week I was also in sydney buy that seems like forever ago, but didn't touch any rock there either

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Showing all 7 messages