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started this discussion 2 years ago

BP needs love

Live in or around Sydney?

Blues Point could do with some more climbers. Myself and Brendon have been developing like crazy and would love to know what other boulders think of the problems

Its so close to everything, with a awesome view to boot!

So give it a try some time!


Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

Sounds great! I'm flying down to Sydney for work on the 9th and got most of saturday 10th off, but will only have my shoes. Feel like a session?

replied 2 years ago


It'll be great for you to see the sweet potential in the Sydney area.

Sadly I'm busy on Saturday, but another local climber (Brendon Flanagan) might be up for the session. As almost all climbs are under 5m with soft grass, I haven't been using a crash pad, so just shoes is fine. Though if Brendon comes along, he'll bring his pad.

I reckon you'll enjoy BP. My recommendations over the three areas are ELAP, Bruce Lee and Coal Train Blues. Yea - even give some of my projects a try :P such as Dislocation Station and Project 3 (Peeking Patch).

have fun!

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago


Brendon are you available on Sat?

replied 2 years ago

Actually he might not (though I'll let him talk for himself), he mentioned a little getaway over that weekend...

There might be others...? This is why BP needs some more discovery :P

Lee McDougall replied 2 years ago

Been there a couple of times now. On the way home from work for me. Can't beat that view

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

ok well if anyone is around on that sat gimme a bell.

replied 2 years ago

Hey there Campbell,

I've recently started developing with good old Ranger Dave and as he described us..."we're like two giddy school girls the night before the school dance". We're going to work really well together with developing crags. We're currently developing Blues Point, another up and coming bouldering and climbing crag (watch this space) and I'm going to take Dave to a place I discovered about a week ago. I'm certain the last people at this newly found crag were the Aboriginals before white man arrived. Between Dave and I there'll be more climbs and problems than you could poke a stick at and that's no joke! Exciting times people and its called DEVELOPMENT!! Sorry Brendan but Daves spot on. I'm away this weekend so please pop in to BP and enjoy the climbs and the view that goes with it. Brendon

replied 2 years ago

Great to see that you've been down there Lee. Dave has put so me excellent problems up down there. He's a legend with his creative mind!

replied 2 years ago

Lee - how often do you get to BP? I live just round the corner and so try and get there every second day. There are some sweet projects done there in the V4 - V7 range that could use a fresh mind.

Brendon - I'm keen to see this new crag you've discovered! should I bring my Didge?

replied 2 years ago

You may just have to mate. It's going to need a good clean up so to speak but there's bouldering AND climbing. A crag for all to enjoy and right in a river!

Lee McDougall replied 2 years ago

I was getting down there about once a week. However I rolled my ankle on the weekend and think i'll be out of action for a few weeks. Think I'm going to go nuts

replied 2 years ago

Spewin to hear that Lee. I would be good to have a climb with you! keep me posted when you are good to hit up BP again. if your getting stir crazy and want to gaze upon some rock, I could always walk you through some of the problems down there for when you get 200%

Yup... pretty keen to see more people down there!

replied 2 years ago

Mate, when we get that other exciting stuff up and running down there BP will be standing room only!

replied 2 years ago

Hey Its interesting that you say that

I know plenty of Climbers that would hate to know that their local crag is packed out all of the time, but thinking about that, I feel like it would be a waste for BP NOT to be covered by locals and traveling climbers all stoked by the location and what it has to offer.

We develop so others can appreciate, not so we can hold onto it for ourselves!

I guess the flip side is whether others will truely take care of the crag... A risk I'm willing to take - consider that climbers are some of the nicest, layed back types around!

The end of the matter - More love for BP!

Perhaps it would be good to get some more press for it :P

Just ideas!

replied 2 years ago

Oh and here is some BP goodness :P

replied 2 years ago!/photo.php?v=10152299590625393

Tell me if that doesn't work and I'll upload it to Youtube and put it on :)

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