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Far Side

Does anyone know anything about the whereabouts of 'The Far Side'?

Gareth Llewellin replied 2 years ago

We jumped a fence and put up two routes about 15-16 years ago. Very vague on where it is. One is a left leaning tight hand crack at about 22. I think it was to the left of the wall. I'll let you know if I can think of any more detail. I think it's somewhere near sherwood. I'd have to go there to find it again. I'm sure I will go there again one day :)

Stephen Hawkshaw replied 2 years ago

could it be on private property Gareth?

replied 2 years ago

If it is on private property we should mention this as an access issue. We should not document locations of private property crags unless the land owners are ok with it. This is coming up in several places around the world.

I don't think there is any problem with indexing the routes it should be clear what the access issues are. If there is essentially no permitted access then we should not be documenting how to get there.

Gareth Llewellin replied 2 years ago

The crag could be on PP. When I go back to the area I'll dredge the memory banks and keep an eye out for where it is. Then we can add not to go there without permission into the description. For now it's all a bit moot. I don't know where it is :) If anyone finds a small crag with two lines on it, send me a photo and I'll ID it! Haha!!

Arthur Schultz replied 2 years ago

If it's the area I'm thinking of it is on private land, Marc Bailey is the one I spoke to about it. Access is tricky, the owner was apparently pretty cagey about it. Can be seen from Sherwood Rock I think.

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