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started this discussion 2 years ago

comments keywords

These need a bit more intelligence throughout the site in general ... but in this case especially! why do the comments keywords include "short" "crap" and "contrived" ...? some anonymous smartass i spose

replied 2 years ago

Nup, a case of being a little too smart for my own good. We have some automatic highlighting of words in ascent descriptions with the idea of seeing key themes quickly. Sometimes, as in the serpentine ascent comments these words are used with a different intent.

We have been working out some simple issues like the words 'not good' should not highlight the word good by itself. Clearly there are some more issues.

So no anonymous smartass this time.

This means it is not in the data it is just in the way it is marked up so when we improve the rules it will be automatically fixed everywhere.

Ben Jenga replied 2 years ago

Well done on the send Will.

replied 2 years ago

thanx guys!

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Showing all 4 messages