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Brendan Heywood started this discussion 1 years ago

Copyright stuff

hi Lionel,

Thanks for your input as always, but two of your recent photos have copyright stuff in them:

Overhead map: http://www.thecrag.com/photo/243764187

Photo of guidebook: http://www.thecrag.com/photo/243763704

This probably isn't really kosher. The proper way to do the first one is just by breaking spittle hill up into different boulders or cluster of boulders and then locating each sub area, and let us build the maps automatically.

The second one just really needs to be a photo that you've taken yourself and turned into a topo.

Can you please clean these up?

Also have you seen that we can now do 'area' topos? Perfect if you had a big panorama of spittle hill. An example: http://www.thecrag.com/climbing/south-africa/kleinmond

Thanks for your understanding

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