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Discussion: omega block topos Started by Campbell Gome.

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  • Started: 5 years ago on Fri 30th Nov 2012

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Campbell Gome started this discussion 5 years ago.

omega block topos

I've just seen a comment in the description bout the omega block topos. If there's anything that needs fixing please have a go at fixing it (happy to upgrade edit permissions for anyone who needs them) or provide specifics so I can have a go. Thanks.

Anthony Cuskelly replied 5 years ago.

I saw that a while ago but ignored it (I got distracted merging extra routes instead). I'll have a go checking against my print guide.

The comment was in the description, so surely whoever wrote that has editor permissions anyway?

replied 5 years ago.

that was me. scuse the bluntness... I don't expect to have time to assist anytime soon ... but my ACA topos are much more accurate so the specifics are there for anyone who wants to fix them! cheers

Anthony Cuskelly replied 5 years ago.

I've tidied up the existing topos (mostly just adjusting routes), but I haven't worked out all the intricacies of the system yet. I've removed Witch Direct Start from the topo as it was shown as going where Witch does, with no text indication of where this actually goes.

As far as I can tell the information on the topos is now correct, there's just a lot of routes not shown on them yet.

Campbell Gome replied 5 years ago.

Thanks guys, that's great. Some time I'll get back out there, take some pics and use wills topos as a model.

Campbell Gome replied 5 years ago.

Or maybe someone else will get out there before me??

Showing all 6 messages.

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