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Brendan Heywood started this discussion 2 years ago

Complex topos

hi Brendon,

I just noticed your bouldering topos at Pyrmont. I'm soon going to embark on some changes to the topo tool to make it draw the lines better when they cross and merge in complex ways. You boulders look like pretty good test cases for this.

So I just want to double check some things with you to see what you intended with your lines:

  • In 7,8,9 the line goes up and then down, to show that you climb up and then climb down. Do you think it would be better to have a new symbol sort of like the 'jump off' symbol to say 'After you get to the top, down climb it'. Or maybe just show the first half and leave out the down climb?

  • Some of your routes merge or split with other routes. I've tweaked a couple so that they merge properly eg 1,2,3. Do you prefer this visual style? There is a bug where the draggable points don't snap properly in some cases which I'll fix shortly. Was this why you didn't merge them or was this a feature you just didn't know about?

  • Any other things?

replied 2 years ago

Hey there Brendan.

Thanks for your message mate. I just finished cleaning up the topo as soon as I got your message. I wen back in and played around with the lines and have got them all cleaned up. A vast improvement on what it was before. I did all the cleaning on my iPhone believe it or not and even if I do say so myself, it came out pretty good :-) I zoomed in on the screen and sagged the markers around quite easily.

I think your suggestion of a "down climb" symbol would be brilliant. I normally jump off from problems myself but these problems at PSL are truely only appreciated if down climbed which is why I'd like to leave the down lines included in the topo.

I didn't merge them because its a feature I didn't know about. Can you point me in the right direction so I can learn how to use it? It's be a very handy trick to know.

Any other things? Yep! Just want to let you know that is becoming very user friendly and the features now included to improve admin of the site is fantastic. I use to be an avid sydney Rockies user and contributer. I don't really go there anymore because of two reasons. Your site offers so much more especially with topo creation and the administrator of sydney Rockies can be difficult to work with and that's feedback from a few users/contributors I know.

Keep up the super sonic effort and next time your in sydney you should come out for a climb/boulder with Ranger Dave and I!


Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

Wow I'm impressed you did it on the iPhone :) I have a lot of work to do to make the site better on mobiles.

To merge a route just drag the points points in common together til they snap as you've probably already found. the tricky thing is that when routes cross but you don't want the route to 'bend' into each other then don't make them share any points. I just updated the diamond bay north wall topo so now the lines don't 'wave' across.

The other tricky thing is getting the order of the routes right, I've re-order the routes there so that the lines never twist over each other which I think is also a more natural order.

Anyway both of these hiccups I'm hoping to fix so they are automatic and you don't have to mess around as much.

And if you have any feedback please let me know. One problem we have is everyone lets us know about the big issues like 'make a mobile app' but often there are tiny little bugs or things that could make the site smoother that are easy low hanging fruit that we just miss. So if you have any ideas just send em over

And yeah when I was down the other day I was a bit too hung over from the work xmas party to get much rock action - next time :)

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

Thinking about what the 'downclimb' symbol could look like. How about something sorta like an upside down tear drop shape? If that makes sense, something vaguely like this:

Also what do think makes the best name 'Downclimb' or 'Reverse climb'. I think this could be used for traverses that go back again as well.

replied 2 years ago

I think the tear drop shape is ideal. kinda like a drop of water falling from the top of a crag.

I'd associate downclimbing as it sounds...climbing back down. Reverse climbing is something I'd associate with traversing. I put a problem up at Tamborine Bay called To and Fro which you have to traverse one way then return to get off safely. Reverse climbing sounds good for this sort of problem.

Also, I've noticed that the PDF's don't update when new crags or problems/routes are added. How do the PDF's update so people can print out up to date guides?

replied 2 years ago

One last thing, do you have access to previous sydney guides? Id bet my climbing gear that the original face in Pyrmont was called Pyrmont Slabs. I went there a few times to sus it out a few years ago (being a local gig for me) but it wasnt worth climbing. Cameron (?last name) has listed this face on but i think he has renamed it. Do you have access or copies of previous Sydney guides? If he has changed it I'd like to change it back to its original name.


Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

There are two types of PDF's the prebuilt ones which are really fast, and the custom ones which are made on the spot. They take a minute or to generate which is why we have both. The pre-built ones get refreshed every month or so, but if you make a custom one they should be current.

Can't help on the old guides front sorry

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