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  • Started: 2 years ago on Dec 7, 2012

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Brendan Heywood started this discussion 2 years ago

Topo stuff

hi Melwin,

Just tweaked some of your topos, I hope you don't mind. Over the summer I'm going to try and find some time to fix soem topo tool bugs and add a couple new features, do you have any input as to what you find difficult, or what could be smoother? Anything you'd like to see in the tool?

Melwin Quacke replied 2 years ago

Hi Brendan, thanks for fine-tuning the topo, of course I don't mind. I have to admit I didn't look at the tutorial (frankly, I prefer non-video tut's), so what you get is a plain dumb users impression (all tested with Opera 12.1): - I was confused that first I had to place the location of the label, then the tool changed to the outline-mode. I assume you want to enable a flexible placement of the label. I wonder if it would be easier with starting the outline right away and having the label placed by default, it could be relocated later. - The "toolbar" could be supplemented by tooltips on hovering. Somehow, I feel "Shape" should come first, as it affects the outline, while all others are just for the label. - Strangely, the order of the subareas in the list below the topo came out different than the one in the original listing. I am not sure if I did this inadvertently, maybe you can check. I know, I can modify this and I did. - Would it make sense to provide some way of demarking objects off the actual image? I am thinking of something like "(arrow left) sector A 200 m" - topo meta (i.e. viewing direction, approx. scale bar) could be helpful in some cases

Thanks for your great work

Melwin Quacke replied 2 years ago

one more thing: On the first attempt to post this comment I got a JavaScript error, second try it worked flawlessly:

api post error: Bad Request:error:{"error":{"fromAccountError":"cannot be empty"},"data":{"fromAccount":"","responseTo":"246011580","content":"Hi Brendan,\nthanks for

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

Yeah the order of routes and area in the topos is different to the order in list view, I hope to get rid of this and make it automatic, so thats one less hassle. Adding hovers is easy, and yes I agree adding the shape first makes more sense. I also want to be able to draw random stuff on like tracks, text, building, just pick a colour and a thickness and draw. Or a point and a block of text.

I'll try and get them all in the next version, eta early next year.

Also the idea of '200m' can already be done if you want to link to an adjacent area, see this boulder for an example:


In the next release you can change the label to whatever to you want, is tack on a 200m etc

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