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Brendan Heywood started this discussion 2 years ago

Google maps roads improvements

hi Brian and Steve,

I've already had one road in MapMaker approved, the little one from Waihoo cliff back to the main dirt road. I've also added a bunch of other roads up there like the one to knox:


I think it takes a couple days after approval to get onto the main google maps tiles everywhere.

Brian Cork replied 2 years ago

Great job man. Looks like the way to go. I'll check it out more next week.

Za replied 2 years ago

waihoo cliffs are 1.3km west of intersection,(waihoo rd/sherwood forest rd).. on sherwood forest rd. small pull in on left track goes up. Dont go sherwood forest rd from north road very bad !!!

Stephen Hawkshaw replied 2 years ago

yeah you need a good 4wd for the north end

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

Probably the best way to handle that is to edit that section of road in google map maker and tell it that its road condition is bad, or is 4WD only for just that section so it has the info it needs to produce the best maps and driving directions.

I'm kinda just pointing you guys in the right direction, it's best if one of you local guys can take it from here.

I've also just noticed that a few of my map maker edits have filtered into the live google maps like the wonderlands carpark, the waihoo carpark road etc so the review time turnaround is pretty good. Although for some reason you still can't 'drive' to wonderland or waihoo and the roads aren't the right type according to google. More fixed needed :)

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