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Brendan Heywood started this discussion 2 years ago

Playground topos

hi Kaspa,

I'm one of the developers of and I just saw all the topos you've uploaded recently which are cool. I was wondering why you didn't use the built-in topo tools though and just drew the lines onto the photo itself? Is this because you had already drawn these previously, or there is something about the topo tool's that could be improved? Any feedback would be awesome

Kaspa Snoad replied 2 years ago

hi brendan u use an app on my phone to photograph and log climbs i have done while im out at the crags i visit. i didnt realise untill the otherday your site has the same feature which i plan to use as i have many photos saved on my computer :) i would just like to add i love this website and i plan to help contribute as much as i can

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago


We're always trying to improve the site so if you have any idea or if anything annoys you let us know were a friendly bunch :)

btw what is the phone app you were using?

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

btw here is an example I was working on last night of the topo tool in action:

Kaspa Snoad replied 2 years ago

the app i have been using is called "crags" can be found on the iphone app store its not too flash just comes in handy when i dont have a camera near by. and i have just used your topo-tools for the first time and i think it is brilliant cant wait to do some more up and load them on the website

replied 2 years ago

Hi Kaspa, we'll have an Android app out shortly that will let you take a snap, add the top line and load it up to our site. Hopefully i-Phone one won't be far away- first half of next year?? Campbell (another developer at thecrag)

Kaspa Snoad replied 2 years ago

awesome my cousin has told me you guys have an app coming out soon i am very much looking forward to using it when it is relesaed

Brendan Heywood replied 2 years ago

I've seen you've made a bunch of topos :)

I'm always interested in what peoples first impressions were, and how we could make it easier to use for new people. Was there anything that you had trouble with? Was there anything that didn't work the way you expected?

Marshall replied 2 years ago

thought it was realy user friendly having the option to look at a tutorial was great it explains everything simply and was a real help. the only thing i could sugest is a few more bouldering lables such as "sit start" "standing start" "starting hold" "top-out" but thats about it i think :)

Marshall replied 2 years ago

haha just realised im signed in to my cousins account the last coment was made by Kaspa Snoad

Marshall replied 1 years ago

Is the app released today or yesterday? got something downloaded to my phone waiting on a code

replied 1 years ago

I've invited Adam (app developer) to join this discussion so he can give you an update.

Adam Pullen replied 1 years ago

Hello all

Yes i am working hard to clean up the last couple of bugs before releasing today. Hope to have something by end of the day

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