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Cameron Shorter started this discussion 1 years ago

Proposed new crag near Pittwater Youth Hostel, Sydney, Australia

I stayed at the Pittwater Youth Hostel a few days back. http://www3.yha.com.au/hostels/nsw/sydney-surrounds/pittwater/

A tranquil location, set in the national park, overlooking Pittwater and primarily accessible via ferry, although you can walk/ride in via a fire trial from West Head Rd. (~50 min walk)

The bonus is that there is what looks to be an excellent undeveloped bouldering location under the lookout 10 minutes walk from the Youth Hostel. The rock looks firm, there seems to be a range of climb options, around 10 to 15m high. I won't have time to develop the climbs, but hope someone else will. It could be an excellent climbing weekend.

Map: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=214139627412401101062.0004d1a7b751585c24104&msa=0&ll=-33.626551,151.282822&spn=0.002216,0.004785

Photos: * PittwaterYHA photos at: https://www.thecrag.com/climber/220823775/photos * Eg: https://www.thecrag.com/photo/253493562

replied 1 years ago

The pictures look great Cameron! I'll go and have a look and drag good old Dave with me to sus it out. We're currently working on a secret crag at the moment which'll have lead, top rope and bouldering but I'm sure we can have a look at this one as well :-)

Cameron Shorter replied 1 years ago

Brendon, great to hear you will check this out. I'll be interested to hear how you go. If you let me know when you plan to head out, I might join you. Note, from the Youth Hostel, you can look out across Morning Bay, Pittwater, to see some impressive looking cliffs on the other side of Morning Bay. Only problem is that they look fairly difficult to access.

replied 1 years ago

I'm away from sydney at the moment but when I get back ill head out and have a look. The pics you sent me look like pretty good rock with potential for some good routes.

replied 1 years ago

Hey Cameron!

Sorry that it's taken me so long to get back to you on this. Nice working sussing out a new crag! it definitely looks promising.

Have you managed to make it out again since you sent this email out?

Its a bit of a travel, so I'm wondering at how many climbs you suspect are out there? It looks like there is top rope access, I wonder if it could be bolted?


Cameron Shorter replied 1 years ago

Hi Ranger Dave, No rush required. I don't expect the rocks will have moved much since I saw them last.

I haven't headed out again. It is easy access to top, so should be easy setting up a top rope. Access to bottom is reasonably easy too. A fire must have gone through the area a year or two back, so the bush is easy to push through (about 100 to 200 meters walk from the fire trail).

How many climbs? I'd guess there to be 20+ climbs at least. There were more cliffs further around which I didn't check out.

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