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Anthony Cuskelly started this discussion 1 years ago


This and 'Right Route' should be in Calcutti Crag, but I can't work out how to reparent them...

replied 1 years ago

Thanks Anthony, I've moved (>Action >Restructure >Reparent >...) and merged (>Action >Restructure >Merge ...) them with the toures of the same name that were already at Calcutti. I can talk you through these processes if you need to use them again- it's a bit tricky the first couple of times. An improved 'drag and drop' style is on our to-do list but it's a fair way down... Cheers, Cmapbell

Anthony Cuskelly replied 1 years ago

Thanks Campbell, I found where to do it but got stuck in the mechanics - I'll let you know when I find the next one!

replied 1 years ago

No worries, thanks for getting in touch and for your help keeping the index up to date. Campbell

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Showing all 4 messages