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  • Started: 1 years ago on Feb 17, 2013

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Sean Charles started this discussion 1 years ago

Route lines

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has done any of the climbings specifically bury them deep as I was climbing there today and not sure of the route I tried completig the climb in the corner a number of different ways and finishing up the right side in the corner and 2m straight over the overhang not sure if they were routes that have been put up before or if anyone knows any information about it cheers

Paul Badenoch replied 1 years ago

All the info I have about Truro is on page 24 of the newish guidebook. Finding rock that won't pull off is the trick at the top of Bury 'em Deep. A few lines were done but not written up L of The Killing Fields and the project past the bolt between TKF and B'ED is waiting for a strong young climber!

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