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  • Started: 1 years ago on Feb 22, 2013

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Morgan started this discussion 1 years ago

Chairman Ed (17) missing?

Is Chairman Ed (17) missing or named something else?

Haven't got my Wanaka Rock guide book right now but will check tonight.

replied 1 years ago

Please add it if it is missing. Thanks

Vanessa Wills replied 1 years ago

Wanaka is a bit all over the place. Ive put in climbs as Ive done them and tried to reorder crags Ive been to , but dont have an up to date guide book and didnt want to just copy in stuff I havent done. Figured a kiwi local might do it one day...

Morgan replied 1 years ago

It is indeed all over the place :) I'll have a chat to Greg Johnston (one of the local guide book editor) next time I seem him about adding basic route info (order, name, length, sport/trad, FA) and how they feel about that. It would be nice to have it tidied up. Also waiting to see what changes are coming for attribution/citations.

replied 1 years ago

The main things we will be doing is making it much easier for the user to add links to publications and make the publications a lot more visible.

If you do talk to a publisher, we have got solutions which keeps their copyright on descriptions, photos and topos. We have got several publishers already doing this eg:


So publisher content on our site can have it's own copyright statement.

The main sticking point will be if they want their information freely available on the web or not.

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