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Good Training Ground

Hey Craggies!

I went to this spot the other week and found it to be a good training ground.

Where possible its best to sit start the climbs as to get the most out of them.

The long traverses where really rewarding for a work out, but most of the up climbs were average to good.

If your local and want to get some pump - check it out


replied 1 years ago

Ranger Dave, as always you've got the finger on the pulse. BP is an amazing training ground offering some excellent problems and top rope / high ball routes. An amazing crag by the harbour with the bridge and city as a back drop...what more could an urban climber want!

replied 1 years ago

As always Ranger Dave has certainly got his finger on the pulse! SPL (not BP) is a fun and rewarding training ground. The traverses on offer will certainly train you up and give you a solid pumpy work out. Some interesting highball problems to take on but make sure you have a spotter.

replied 8 months ago

Hey Heely

I was thinking about this crag the other day. Given some of the feed back (though limited) Perhaps it needs to be revisited for the purpose of refining the grades.

What do you think?

replied 8 months ago

Any excuse to get back to the beloved BP HA!!! Sure, let's do it.

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