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  • Started: 5 years ago on Tue 5th Mar 2013

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Sean Charles started this discussion 5 years ago.

Looking for some cracks

Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows of some routes around the place to get some good jamming in on some nice cracks, the only one ive been hitting up recently is the one at the top of baradur at far crag

cheers for the help.

Paul Badenoch replied 5 years ago.

There's not a lot at Morialta. You can choose to jam Golgotha, jamming Shedidit could be fun, Dreadlocks at the Billiard Table unless it's too overgrown, a couple of offwidth moves on Gorilla My Dreams, can't think of much else. At Onkas you can get a couple of jams on Absolute Alcohol and a few on Ghost Riders in the Sky although I haven't done that one. If you enjoy cracks, the only place to go is the Bluff. If you can jam the hard climbs there like on Bandaid Wall you can jam anything.

Sean Charles replied 5 years ago.

ok thanks for the heads up ill have to get on them and give them a go

Jason Morton replied 12 weeks ago.

Reitjens gap has some good jam moves leading to the slab on the main wall.

Petey Pete replied 12 weeks ago.

Dude the bluff. Rubber Ducky, Eggnog and Bandaid are quite nice. Probably more cracks around the place.

Petey Pete replied 12 weeks ago.

Sorry this was meant to be a reply to Sean.

Martin Cummins replied 12 weeks ago.

Solstice, and Equinox are also worth a look, if you head down The Bluff. Plenty of sharp jam city down there.

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