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  • Started: 1 years ago on Mar 22, 2013

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Brendan Heywood started this discussion 1 years ago

3d topos are very cool

hi Chris,

I love your 3d topos, great work eg:


Let us know if you have any ideas for how that could be better integrated, maybe somehow worked into our KML / google earth export for an area.

Chris Wallace replied 1 years ago

Thanks, I just wanted to do them because I knew that locating where the areas or topos are in an crag can be hard sometimes. This way it doesn't show any detail but it does give an idea on what the place looks like on a whole. I think that if everyone did one for their local crags it would make the whole site even easier to use.

About the incoparation into the website goes, it's up to you, i don't know much at all about programing or web development but i think it would be awesome to have an interactive topo that can be rotated on the page without having to download the file. I also think the google earth thing is good too, i just could figure out how to put it on there.

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Showing all 2 messages