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Glen Norrell started this discussion 1 years ago

Looking for a climbing partner

Hi People I’m Glen :) I’ve just moved to Brisbane from Sydney and would like to start exploring out beyond Kangaroo Point. I have my own gear and mostly sport climb grades up to 21 but willing to give the 22-23 a good shot. I would like to climb at least once every fortnight and in the gym once or twice a week. My rock fitness has slid a little since leaving Sydney but my motivation hasn’t. I’m a very positive and supportive person who loves to climb with, encourage, and support good friends climbing.

Glen Norrell replied 1 years ago

I haven't logged any ascents yet, seems like a massive task to catch up. Will try and get some stuff in soon :)

zac replied 1 years ago

i would be keen mabe go for a climb at kp frist then go some where

Glen Norrell replied 1 years ago

Sweet sounds good. I'm thinking of heading there tomorrow after 430 after that I'm in Sydney for a week. Let me know if you're available.

zac replied 1 years ago

that should be fine ill be at kp any with the brc my numbers 0424089024

Glen Norrell replied 1 years ago

No probs ill be there with one other guy just learning to lead at about 430. My numbers 0412125514 ill be the bloke with a black rope bucket :-)

Nikki Layton replied 1 years ago

Are any of you climbing in Glasshouse or Kangaroo tomorrow? I lead sport up to 18s and would love to get out before I head back to Canada.

Let me know my mobile is 0011 1604 839 6348

Matt Earsman replied 1 years ago

Go to Coolum, any sunday with or without partner, you will climb unless you are extremely antisocial and self defeating in which case you probably shouldn't come because you won't have a good time and the positive friendly people will annoy you.

Glen Norrell replied 1 years ago

Hey guys I'm currently busy working on a ship but I'm back next week and have Wednesday Thursday Friday off. I'd love to do some KP time and maybe a short day trip. Nikki when do you head back to Canada? Hmmm Mt Coolum, correct me if I'm wrong Matt but don't the majority of grades start at 23-25?

Glen Norrell replied 1 years ago

Hey Nikki. Tried to SMS you. Didn't work, do you have a ten digit Aussie number? Or SMS me on my number above and ill catch you that way.

Rob Medlicott replied 1 years ago

Hey Glen, yes the grades at Coolum are hard. Its pretty much 24 and up, as the 18 and 20s are barely worth doing and there is only a couple. I may be available for KP on wednesday or thursday morning, approx. 9:00-12:30.

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