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Supertramp started this discussion 1 years ago

Main wall unlisted climbs

Hi i have just checked out the Main wall climbs and noted that there have been 6 additional climbs which are not listed or named. Any information on them?



Evan Wells replied 1 years ago

Is this related to slabworld?

Supertramp replied 1 years ago

Hi yes its related to the Slab world.

replied 1 years ago

If there's something that needs to be done (eg create new area or move stuff), let me know and I can do it if you like. Cheers, Campbell (site admin)

seann osborn replied 1 years ago

I saw they still had tape on them meaning they are yet to still be climbed by who set them... so guess once they take the tape off the will log them?

replied 1 years ago

I guess so.

Evan Wells replied 1 years ago

supertramp, take note of seanns comment. A climb with tape or tag of any sort on first bolt signifies these climbs are yet to be climbed by the person who made the effort to equip them and should therefore be left alone.

Supertramp replied 1 years ago

Thanks guys for the comment, i just noted that the numbers of the bolted climbs didn't match the numbers of the climbs listed on the Slabworld description printout that i took with me so i wasn't sure if those routes were recently added or added for sometime but not yet listed. Thanks for the advice - I will leave them alone until they are added.

Arlo replied 1 years ago

Hi all, I unfortunately did not know about the unnamed climbs until just now, so I've gone up the one to the right of what I think is resolution. Not all the new climbs still have tape anymore. Does anyone know the person who bolted the new ones, as working out which climb you are on is now a bit tricky?... The new info would be greatly appreciated! :-)

seann osborn replied 1 years ago

think the new climbs are listed now i've done most of them, was one or two with tape still on them when i was there last. Can't remember names of the blokes who bolted the recant climbs pretty sure same boys that established the area. Was thinking of bolting some harder stuff i've seen there myself.

rod replied 1 years ago

Sorry had all climbs listed in ACA and just been updating here when done..for reference use this and add whats needed... that should help.

Should be 3 projects there still....if you went up the crack right of resolution that was a project but if done give it a name and grade.

Bolt away seaan, plenty of way to the top is up gully right to hell with good intentions, then along ledge and up from there....would be a few good hard routes on the far right.

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