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  • Started: 1 years ago on Apr 3, 2013

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BlankSlab started this discussion 1 years ago

New bolts to reduce run out wtf.

3 new bolts to reduce run outs? And no one could handle the run outs over the last 33 years?

All the retro and soft sport crap has certainly taken the charactor out of this place.

Jason Lammers replied 1 years ago

and now a chipped hold to start with 3 extra grades. WTF is going on at the Big K ?

BlankSlab replied 1 years ago

Pretty depressing reading some old guides planing to head out and do some of the clasics with a partner who did the same things back in the 80's and to realise they are full of bolts. Seems to be the go down there now.

dan replied 1 years ago

How can the grade go up if there is now more protection and more holds?

replied 1 years ago

Standard inflation principles?

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Showing all 5 messages