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Za started this discussion 1 years ago


How/Where, do you meet the Farmer? to gain access to this Crag ???

Matt Schimke replied 1 years ago

Introduce yourself to Duncan Steel. He is the man to ask about access.

Gareth Llewellin replied 1 years ago

Be informed (warned?) that there aren't many good routes under 24 and the walk is 45 mins steep uphill for most people. A lot of people only go there once. If you're still keen then contact Duncan.

Za replied 1 years ago

thanks, I will contact him when i have someone to climb with... I am mostly Lead Solo climbing at the moment, so i am climbing under 24. After some training, and i meet some other climbers, i will contact Duncan... Looks like an awesome Crag, im keen to have a go of some harder stuff soon.

Thanks Heaps for the Info, helps alot, im just getting started with climbing up in this part of the Oz, mostly climbed Blue Mt, and Sydney.

Za replied 1 years ago

can you camp there ?

Neil Monteith replied 1 years ago

No camping. Try nearby Frog Buttress.

Za replied 1 years ago


konglong replied 1 years ago


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Tom Reid replied 1 years ago

Im also super keen to get to Pulpit in the near future, have spoken with Lee abotu it but havent met Duncan yet. Hike not an issue as Pages Pinnacle is my local :) I will send Duncan a message on stalk book. cheers Neil, Matt and Gareth

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Showing all 9 messages