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  • Started: 1 years ago on May 1, 2013

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Brendan Heywood started this discussion 1 years ago

Area topos without labels

hi guys,

I'm Brendan one of the developer of thecrag.

I just saw the topos for The Rock which don't have label and noticed that they were dragged way of the topo so they aren't visible. Was this on purpose? Is there something I could do to the topo tool to make it better?

Mathieu ROUX replied 4 months ago

Hi everyone, french climber lost in Wagga wagga for 4 months, I'm looking for partner to do outdoor (or indoor) climbing session during WE, I'm like everything, bouldering, sport climbing, trad' so please let me know if some groups want to go for outdoor session on WE and if you are willing to welcome me. Cheers, Matt. (register under Mathieu ROUX on thecrag.com)

Macca replied 4 months ago

Hi Matt, I'm fairly inexperienced outdoor but will be in Wagga for most of the day on the 21st of June. I'm keen to boulder or check out some routes on The Rock or just have a partner for indoor climbing if you're keen.

Cheers, Macca

Stephen Gordon replied 4 months ago

Hi Mathieu, I live in Albury, if we are visiting The Rock one day, I will make sure to let you know...

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Showing all 4 messages